Splinters with Gary Rogowski

--- Gary Rogowski ---

This podcast series is a look at furniture building from a veteran maker, designer, and author. The episodes are practical, philosophic, witty, and irreverent. Gary was a former contributing editor at Fine Woodworking Magazine, and founded The Northwest Woodworking Studio, A School for Woodworkers, in Portland, Oregon in 1997. He has no illusions about the value of this work in today’s culture of fast and furious and disposable. Making art, building furniture, is work that is useless and beautiful, and necessary for those who produce it. Creativity feeds the soul like nothing else can.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Pad Sanders I Have Known

    I know plenty of pad sanders. But I'd trade them all away for a sharp hand plane. Hand planes can be time savers when it comes to smoothing surfaces. They also fight that perfectionism that pad sanders lead you to. ...


  2. 10 Things to Know about Wood

    Wood doesn't just sit there. It's alive. It moves, it changes dimension, it colors over time. Learns some essential facts about wood so you can choose your wood for your next project with more information at hand. ...


  3. Beginner's Mind

    Everyone starts at the beginning. Yet our expectations rarely match our skills then. The hardest thing is to be patient as we learn. ...


  4. The Total Body Work-out

    This April Fool's Day lecture is on the value of working out with your woodworking. ...


  5. Brian Boggs, Master Craftsman

    Brian Boggs is a chairmaker, artist, designer, and engineer extraordinaire. He is also quite a philosopher on the nature of work and workmanship, the value of excellent work, and how tooling affects design. ...