Splinters with Gary Rogowski

--- Gary Rogowski ---

This podcast series is a look at furniture building from a veteran maker, designer, and author. The episodes are practical, philosophic, witty, and irreverent. Gary was a former contributing editor at Fine Woodworking Magazine, and founded The Northwest Woodworking Studio, A School for Woodworkers, in Portland, Oregon in 1997. He has no illusions about the value of this work in today’s culture of fast and furious and disposable. Making art, building furniture, is work that is useless and beautiful, and necessary for those who produce it. Creativity feeds the soul like nothing else can.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Glue Changes Everything

    Glue changes everything in an assembly. An assembly that has gone together dry several times with no mishaps, no errant angles, no parts stuck in odd places, now, with the introduction of glue, can be difficult, anxiety producing, and vocabulary building. Why is that? ...


  2. The Problem at the Bench

    Everyone starts at the beginning. But the hardest thing to learn is how to fail and how then to forgive yourself. ...


  3. Gift Giving Guide

    Here are some gift ideas certain to please every woodworker. Or ones that will make a great list to place where your gift giver can see and seize the Aha! moment. ...


  4. Chiseled

    The chisel, the wedge in action, is as useful a shape as we can find in the shop. Every cutting tool shares this wedge shape in some form or another. Learn about the chisel and its shapes, varieties, and steel choices. You will not feel chiseled by spending time learning ...


  5. My Top Ten Tools to Take to a Desert Island

    Which tools are the most necessary at the bench? There are so many choices and limiting it to just ten of them makes for hard decisions. Learn what makes the cut in this episode. ...